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The Humorous Verse Prize

James J. Lundy

When the Lights Go Out: List

When the Lights Go Out

I rose one night to take a drink
And there as I approached the sink
I saw them grouped, thick and lush
Upon the bristles of my toothbrush,

A group of roaches glad to eat
The dried toothpaste, minty and sweet,
From the same toothbrush that twice a day
Is in my mouth, I’m sad to say.

But what’s worse than what I saw that night,
What makes me shiver with affright,
I have to say what haunts me most
Are all the nights I never rose.

There is one thing I can insist:
It’s true that ignorance is bliss
I wish I’d never known about
What happens when the lights go out.

When the Lights Go Out: Text
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