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The Peter Pan Prize

Danny B. Riley

Little Duckling: List

Little Duckling

It began with a clatter, a click, and a cluck,
but what came out of that egg was not a duck,
it had feathers, a beak, and a comb on its head,
its feet were not webbed, but pointy instead,
the egg looked like the others, in color and size,
but what came out of that egg was a real surprise.

Time went by and the hatchling began to grow,
but no signs of being a duck did it ever show,
no matter how hard he tried he could not quack,
and when he attempted to swim he floated on his back.

Fact of the matter was he did not like water at all,
but scratching and clucking were simply a ball,
he was just being himself, he was not weird or sick,
he would never be a duckling, he would always be a chick.

Little Duckling: Text
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