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The Peter Pan Prize

Jane Emerson Blewer

The Chase: List

The Chase

I took my dog out for a walk
(without a leash—again!)
He usually stays close by my side
A loyal "man’s best friend"

Occasionally our walk gets shortened
By unpredicted rain
Or if we chance to meet up with
The black cat in the lane

This cat is not completely black
For he has a spot of white
So superstition does not apply
When he crosses in our sight

But on this day there in the lane
I could swear he had a grin
And suddenly, before my eyes
The chase was on again

Round and round, between the trees
An unrehearsed event
Boundless, endless energy
For neither would relent

I knew my little walk was over
Before it did begin
So, I took a seat there on the grass
Displaying my chagrin

When at last they tired out
My dog walked back to me
With his loyalty restored once more
And the black cat up a tree.

The Chase: Text
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