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The Peter Pan Prize

Elsie T. Holcombe

What if the World: List

What If the World was Upside Down?

What if the world was upside down,

could you learn to walk on your head?

And if you tried to go to sleep,

would you fall out of your bed?

Now if your head was upside down,

would your smile become a frown?

And how could you ever drink from

a cup, if your legs and feet were up?

So, if your head was on the ground,

and your feet way up in the air,

would you need shoes to walk around?

Could you even sit in a chair?

Suppose the moon came down to earth,

would the cow jump under instead?

Would you be asked to light the sky

if the moon plopped into your bed?

If trees grew roots up over clouds,

would you climb them up or down?

And if their limbs and leaves were blue,

would the sky be green or brown?

And what if out was really in,

and round was a nice big square, could

the balls you bounce still roll around,

or would they just stay right there?

If someone said, "Come over here,"

and here was over there, would

most people know which way to go,

or would anyone even care?

What if the World: Text
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