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Dear friends, members, and supporters,


In light of recent demonstrations against police brutality, we at The Poetry Society of South Carolina are using our platform to promote change. We acknowledge and support the ongoing fight for Black Liberation. We acknowledge that this nation owes much of its existence to the exploitation of Black people. We stand with those fighting against injustice and support people’s right to protest. Poetry, after all, has always been a forum for protest and political change.


Poetry institutions in America have long been white-washed and have erased Black voices; we do not wish to perpetuate that legacy but instead wish to uplift, celebrate, and amplify Black poets and Black lives. We value these voices because they come from human beings worthy of dignity, respect, and life.


We mourn the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, David McAtee, Walter Scott, and every Black individual who has lost their life at the hands of police brutality. We believe, especially now, that Black voices deserve to be heard.


The Poetry Society of South Carolina has been fortunate enough to be supported by Black poets across the country, who share with Charleston poetry lovers their talent, craft and immense spirit. Throughout the next few months, we will re-dedicate ourselves to sharing and celebrating their work, in hopes that poetry might change hearts and minds, that poetry might illuminate what has so long been purposefully shrouded in America.

We will continue to reflect in our programming, in our mission, and in our spirit these values. Black Lives Matter.


The Poetry Society of South Carolina

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