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Fall 2022 | Spring 2023

Contest Winning Poems

The Stephanie Ellen Siler Memorial Prize:

Richard Taylor

The John Edward Johnson Prize

Joanna Schuman

The Klyde Robinson Poetry Prize

Tanner Crunelle

The Marjorie E. Peale Prize

H, Randolph Spencer

Know Rhyme and Reason Contest

Debra Conner

The Perception Prize

Ellen Blickman

The Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Society Prize

Judith Reese

The Starkey Flythe, Jr., Memorial Prize

Debra Conner

Susan Laughter Meyers Summer Scholarship

Debra Conner

The Audubon Prize

Ann Herlong Bodman

Contest Winning Poems

Spring 2023

Scotty Davis Watson Prize

Frances J. Pearce

The John Robert Doyle, Jr., Prize

Debra Conner

The Forum Prize

Debra Conner


The Peter Pan Prize

Mary O'Keefe Brady 

Rhyme for No Reason Contest

Forrest Hudson

The Dr. Linda Veldheer Memorial Prize

Grace Pryzwara

Bobbi Kennedy Memorial Prize

Debra Conner

The Skylark Prize

Growing up on Pinehurst street, three houses down with the tanned white mailbox

Sarai Winkler (Governor's School of the Arts)

Judges for the Spring 2023 Contest

Fall 2019 | Spring 2020 Winning Poems: List
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