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Know Rhyme and Reason Contest:

Debra Conner; “F. Scott Fitzgerald: Hollywood CA November, 1940”

Honorable Mentions:

Lisa Sloan, Lawrence Rhu

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Hollywood, CA., November 1940

Memo to John Biggs, Esq.

Re: changes to last will and testament

John, I want Ober, my former agent, out

as executor immediately. No need to recount

his betrayals or discuss my decision unless

it's to say I deeply regret

his lack of faith in me,

my future work and its possibilities.

As for my funeral, I'd like

to amend my earlier will and strike

my instructions that it be an occasion

(ceremony) in keeping with my station.

For reasons both of us know, my funeral

and burial must henceforth be the cheapest possible.

Judge’s Comment:

Lean and clean use of language. The writer is writing to the end of the line with rhymes that carry the weight without being intrusive. Curiously, they undermine the aggressive posturing of the speaker, who writes with such certainty even as the rhymed words slide into doubt/uncertainty. Clever.

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