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Rhyme for No Reason Contest

Forrest Hudson “My Sister’s Car”

Honorable Mentions:

Paula Appling, Tanner Crunelle, Joanna Schuman

My Sister’s Car

My sister had a car

that was chewed on by a rat.

She had a little dog,

she should have had a cat.


My sister bought a new car,

the insurance company paid.

She took that sour lemon

and made a lemonade.


My sister drove the new car,

the salesman told her to.

“Don’t worry about a thing,

this car knows what to do.”


My sister saw a blue light,

she had not driven far.

The cop said, “Why so fast?

She said, “You’ll have to ask my car.”


She took the car back in,

the salesman asked her why.

She said, “Because of all its

tech this car is smarter than I.


I want my old car back

that was chewed on by a rat

Fix it, fumigate it

and I’ll install a cat.”

Judge’s Comment:

The conclusion is dead on for how the story sets us up. The 'conflicts' along the way are set up by the rhymes, which is to say the rhymes contribute to the story and vice versa.

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