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The Patricia and Emmett Robinson Prize

Jane Emerson Blewer

Maybe Once Upon a Time: List

Maybe Once Upon a Time?

Maybe Cinderella never went out
And the beanstalk never came down
Maybe Sleeping Beauty never woke up
And Hansel and Gretel weren’t found

Maybe Rapunzel wore her hair short
And the wolf was really a dog
Maybe the three pigs lived in a sty
And the kiss left the frog still a frog

Maybe the Beauty detested the Beast
And Red Riding Hood traveled by train
Maybe Robin Hood kept all the dough
And Alice was really insane

Maybe the three bears never took walks
And Pinocchio kept right on lying
Maybe the queen ate the apple herself
And Tinkerbell never tried flying

Maybe the little Red Hen was all gray
And Aladdin never did wish
Maybe the billy goats weren’t very gruff
And the mermaid was only a fish

Fairy tales, so unrealistic
Imagination gone madly amuck
And maybe that sad little ugly duckling
Was simply an ugly duck

Maybe Once Upon a Time: Text
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