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The Peter Pan Prize

Sybil B. Collins

Cat and a Crow: List

The Trade: The Tale of a Cat and a Crow

A crow went to visit a cat one day.
"What do you want?" Cat did say.
"I admire your fur so soft and gray.
Would you please trade coats for only a day?"

So Cat put on sleek feathers so black,
And Crow did wear gray fur on his back.
Cat flew freely from tree to tree,
Enchanted by all the sights she could see.

In the top of one tree not far to the west,
She fed three crow babies snug in their nest.
Meanwhile down below, at Bruhilda’s dark house
Crow entered Cat’s door by a tiny toy mouse.

Then Crow sat idly on Bruhilda’s large lap
And licked his fine fur and took a brief nap.
But when time to eat did come around,
Crow said, "Caw, caw!" instead of meow.

Bruhilda jumped up and ran from the house.
She screamed as if she’d seen a big mouse!
Meanwhile in the air, Cat called new bird friends,
But she scared them away with "Meow" in the end.

When the trade was reversed at the end of the day,
Both the cat and the crow a lesson did say:
"It’s fun to dress up just for a day,
But don’t let your voice give you away."

Cat and a Crow: Text
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