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The Footlight Players Prize

Michael H. Lythgoe

Rooster Tales (3): List

Rooster Tales (3)

Barn yard boss pecked
Out her eyes. Bitch
Pissed him off.
Farmer’s wife watches
Killer’s machismo moves
Admires the cockerel's
Beauty—the tail
Feathers wind-rifled
When Rooster is still.
But he is a brutal
Rooster-ruler humping,
Keeping hens in line.
Naturally mean pecker—
The farmer said so;
But the farmer’s wife
Wants to frame the cock:
A photo for her wall.
Just a matter of time
Before I have to kill
That awful fucking rooster.
Sure enough—wife goes out
To feed. The fowl
Attacks her sideways,
Spurs like shivs—foul play:
Stab wounds, stitches &
Farmer grabs his magnum—
Puts a bullet through songs
The wife loved to hear.
Misogyny murdered.
Dumped dead plumage
In a landfill. What a waste.
No strutting songs at dawn.
No kitchen cock for luck.

Rooster Tales (3): Text
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