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The Kinloch Rivers Memorial Prize

Ed Gold

If Then: List

If, Then

If two red-tailed hawks nest in your tree,
then call your sister and tell her to sell the studebaker.

If one cloud breaks off and fights the current,
then name your daughter Linoleum.

If a cardinal chases a bluejay from your feeder,
then delete your brother’s number from your phone.

If your sister calls back and refuses to sell,
then place three ice cubes around the orchid’s stalk.

If your daughter doesn’t like her name,
then change your will and give her the studebaker.

If the bluejay pecks the cardinal in the head,
then put your brother on speed dial.

If you don’t forget the cubes,
then the cloud may float back into formation.

If you can remember where the hawks used to nest,
then the orchid may bloom again next year.

If Then: Text
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