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The Peter Pan Prize

Jane Emerson Blewer

A Rainbow in the Making: List

A Rainbow in the Making

If you feel a little raindrop in your life
You need not fret
For a little raindrop here and there
Won’t get you very wet
If you worry that a storm is brewing
You might be mistaken
For a little drop of rain
Is just a rainbow in the making

If you see a cloud above your head
You need not assume
That the little cloud is representative
Of impending doom
Don’t let the cloud distract you
From the path that you are taking
For a little cloud just means that
There’s a rainbow in the making

If you hear thunder rumbling in the sky
You need not fear
For a little bit of thunder won’t
Destroy your atmosphere
Instead it may be followed by a joy
You can partake in
For the thunder might just be
Another rainbow in the making

A Rainbow in the Making: Text
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