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The Humorous Verse Prize

Dorothea Robinson

Little Wasp: List

Little Wasp

O, little wasp flying close and carefree

Would that you stay far away from me,

With membrane wings and a tiny pinched waist

You flitter and flutter around with haste,

Though your reputation is much maligned

Your purpose in nature is one of a kind.

If you are female, I fear your sting

As I sit and rock on my front porch swing,

I offer this truce so we both can stay

Out in the sunshine on a given day –

Enjoy summer flowers and their smells

But do not sting me or I will yell.

Now along comes a swarm following you

Many more than I can safely shoo

Circling around me on the front porch

Buzzing much too close for my comfort,

Life and joy to be had in the day

Enough for us all, so please fly away.

May you take heed to abide my request

And I will not bother your hidden nest,

The battles between us are about space

Keeping harmony and living with grace.

O, little wasp, if ‘twas just you and me

We could be friends together you see.

Little Wasp: Text
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