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2019 Susan Laughter Meyers Summer Scholarship Winner

Chandler Lesesne West
Rock Hill, SC

May: List

May (All of Nature Says Yes)

In your backyard we watch koi
circling soundlessly in their pond.
Their scales glimmer with sunlight as
they glide against one another with no consequence.
It takes everything inside of me to keep
my arm from pressing against yours.
I channel the restraint of the spider,
patient in his web woven between fence posts.
Summer is breathing down my neck.
We watch two dragonflies dip into the pond
and one alights on my fingertip for a moment
before they merge together.
Her perch is light and I think she buries words
beneath my fingernail before she leaves.
In a language all of nature speaks, "Love,"
she tells my skin, "is in the water and the air.
The spider and the koi and the fence posts approve. Go."
And so I dive in (love with you
or perhaps the pond) and have not resurfaced since.

May: Text
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