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The Humorous Verse Prize

Jane Emerson Blewer

I Should Have: List

I Should Have

I should have done the laundry, but instead I practiced chipping
I should have mopped the floors, but my shoulder has been dipping
Who said I wasn’t working? For I’m working on my swing
How dare he say I haven’t even done a single thing!

I should have run the vacuum, but my putting is so lame
I should have done the dishes, but I’m working on my game
I wonder in the morning, when he gets up to get dressed
If he thinks this iron in my hands, will get his work shirts pressed?

I should have bought some groceries, but my driver has been slicing
I did make him a birthday cake, but forgot to buy the icing
It takes a lot of work in this great game to be a winner
I guess I better order another pizza for our dinner.

I should have swept the porches and trimmed up all the hedges
But I’m having major problems hitting all my wedges
This game can turn a genius into an utter fool
I hope that he remembered to take the kids to school.

I should have done a lot of things, but golf got in the way
I really hope tomorrow will be a rainy day
Yet I really can’t quite understand, what is all the fuss?
Yesterday he signed me up for GOLF Anonymous!

I Should Have: Text
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