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The Pegasus Prize

Jules Riley

Dogstar Moon: List

Dogstar Moon

He rises in the evening twilight,
Sirius, the Great Dogstar,
Faithfully at Orion’s heel.

The Hunter with his bow ever leading,
Eyes searching star thickets
For hidden prey.
His galactic footfalls never falter,
Eons in a steady pace,
Yet knowing that his loyal companion
Requires time to drink and nourish,
Pull planet spurs from calloused paws.

And so the Hunter sometimes leads him
To rest behind heavens soft crescent,
The dark side of the sheltering moon,
Where, hidden from light of earth and sun,
He finds his creature comforts,
Then circles before lying down
To sleep in cosmic silence,
’Til lunar orbit lets sunlight ’rouse him,
Strengthened now to hunt again.

Dogstar Moon: Text
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