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The Poetry Society of South Carolina

The Poetry Society of South Carolina, established in 1921 and modeled on the Poetry Society of America, was the first state poetry society in the country. An all-volunteer group with its hub in Charleston, our purpose is to support the reading, writing, study, and enjoyment of poetry across the state.



PSSC has two rounds of poetry contests each academic year, Fall and Spring.

Prize-winning poems are published on this website and in the Poetry Society of South Carolina Yearbook, published annually since 1922 and now distributed to libraries of SC schools and universities, as well as to the membership.


An Interview with Dustin Pearson

November 12, 2019

The poet talks about his work, influences, and upcoming seminar.

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"I love what syntax can do in a poem, its ability to indicate not just sequence but also hierarchy and relationships, its role in manipulating the rhythm and pacing. Syntax is truly like a conductor leading an orchestra."

Susan Laughter Meyers


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